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    Chairman Meng investigating Heishan Glass Group

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      Before the establishment of new China, in Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, established a glass factory, both crucible melting, artificial pick materials, artificial blowing. After the founding of new China, glass science and technology and production have been developed. The 1950s onwards, with a feeder with a 10-station pressure cup machine, and later developed a pressure cup 12, 14-station machine, after 1980, but also trial a thin-walled molding machine, these are glassware to create the conditions for mechanized production.

      With China's reform and opening up, China's economic development has achieved success in the world would urge the purpose of people's material standard of living can be significantly improved, as the people the necessities of life and beautify the living ornaments of glass industry has been booming development. With the gradual improvement of living standards, market demand and production of glass presents a diverse, relatively simple products from the original, developed into a multi-family, multi-species, to meet the different uses of glassware series.

      Particularly benefits the entire Over the years, has been dominated by the Chinese ceramic tableware products market. From the late seventies to early eighties in Dongguan, Guangdong, the first production series of the glass plate for Cantonese and Cantonese cuisine with a national roll out, this series of dishes for soup dressed with a glass plate, up popularity in the country, promote the development of glass tableware, glass tableware opened a prelude to mass production.

      It can be seen, because people's consumption concept and eating habits change, the glass ceramic tableware products are shaking pattern of world domination. Because glass has a heat-resistant, transparent, chemical stability, production and plasticity, high degree of automation of production, so in terms of fitness on the market or to adapt to people's fast-paced modern life, the glass has a great advantage, glass tableware products to the people will continue to penetrate all areas of life, is an indisputable fact that, especially in microwave ovens as the representative of the popularization of the modern household cooking utensils, glass tableware more applications for its unique advantages, will have a greater market space to the glass tableware industry and to provide greater opportunities for large-scale development.

      Huge market potential, to promote the rapid development of glass industry, glass industry, but also accelerated the rapid increases in the level of mechanization. Eighties glassware machinery and equipment upgrade to suppress the mainstream. As optimistic about the prospects for products in the Chinese market, a number of internationally renowned glass machinery manufacturers have set up offices in China (such as Germany's Walter Walter Glass Machinery Company, etc.), or with a year in China Beijing and Shanghai International Glass Technology exchange exhibition opportunity to launch their advanced products. 1980s glass industry has introduced in Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions of glass equipment, glass production of soda-lime glass, Water Toys, wine, etc., and borosilicate glass cup, pot, glass and other products. The introduction of a large-scale (max center distance of 394.4) and multi-station, Orange Peel molding machine, various types of large-scale glass production, but also can produce all kinds of food tray, fruit plate, glass bowl, glass pot, microwave oven plate , glass with the glass and other products.

      The glass machinery manufacturers in China are market driven into the production of glass press development, production ranks. Its products include; single station punch 8-16 overall model, can mold the glass presses 12 - 24 pairs of punch presses and other series of models of automatic glass press; its rotation in the disk drive mode, the have adopted the geneva mechanism (Markov agencies) or snail-shaped cam, and the punch drive has pneumatic, hydraulic and gas - liquid transmission to adapt to different needs transmission mode. China is now automatically suppress the production of glass production line, not only has to meet the needs of the development of domestic production, but also exported to neighboring countries such as: Indonesia, Korea, Malaya area and some developing countries. Can say that China already has a world-class production equipment supply base glass presses.

      China glassware huge consumer market, also by the international glass manufacturing firms. In the production of glass tableware in the United States the world leader Libby (Libbey) company, built in Langfang, Hebei Province in China to produce glass tableware glass plant-based, the size of the plant for the annual fifty thousand tons. Prior to the art world as a table leader and the world of glass, crystal products in the field of top companies - France bows glassware Industrial Company in the last century, glass production in Nanjing, Jiangsu factory has produced for many years, and their bow and arrow brand glass dining utensils China has filled the shelves of the supermarket, they are catering equipment market of China glass full of confidence.

      Our existing glassware manufacturing enterprises, the formation of the Shanxi Qixian "China glassware production and export base" and Fengyang "China Daily Glass industrial base", as the domestic glassware manufacturing industry gathering area. But in general, because the process of the industry Guotuiminjin later than other light industry, in the late 1990s until the management on the restructuring, so the industry-wide domestic utensils, small scale production, sales imbalance, weak competitiveness, profitability is low. In the beginning of this century, along with the increase in foreign exchange markets and the enterprises themselves, strength, appeared a group of technical advantages, the scale advantages of combination, and distinctive market position and products to win market leader such as Anhui Deli, Shandong Huapeng, Guangdong Huaxing, Shijiazhuang Huaying, Anhui hair and strong companies. Among them, production and sales in the first of Anhui Deli is located in the famous sand origin Fengyang, adequate supply of raw materials, energy, and long-term market-oriented network construction, a reasonable allocation of domestic and international trade sales ratio, the current daily glassware annual production capacity of 80,000 tons, accounting for the domestic market share of the glassware about 5%, as international brands competing in the domestic market share of strong players.

      In 2006, the China Daily glass of annual export volume has accounted for 12-13% of total exports of 10 billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the world. According to National Bureau of Statistics: in 2009 more than the current size of China's daily glass manufacturer 1406, daily production of 15,460,800 tons of glass; the total daily output of glass about 10% of the glass industry.

      According to United Nations Commodity Trade Organization on the part of the national export statistics: In 2009, total world exports of glassware to $ 6.116 billion, of which China's total exports of glassware to $ 1.963 billion, accounting for 32.1% of total national exports, the share share than the second largest exporter of 19.3 percentage points higher than in France.

      Rapid growth of exports, we also see some worries. Some simply relying on export-led enterprises, small and belong to foreign clients-order production, the lack of R & D capabilities, self-brand marketing capabilities. In the 2008 financial crisis, this disadvantage is particularly apparent, some trade-dependent businesses are subject to greater impact.


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