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    Glass industry boom will enter the golden period of development picked up

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      At present, China has become the world's largest producer of glass first, but it is mostly for export, domestic glass downstream applications remain to be further developed. With the global glass industry boom of the recovery, the gradual tightening of product supply, product price increases global glass fiber industry has become the consensus, fiberglass industry in 2011 is expected to enter a golden age of development.


    Lower demand for a wide range of glass fiber industry


      Glass fiber is an important new inorganic non-metallic composite materials, high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight and many other advantages can be widely used in construction, transportation, electrical and electronics, industrial equipment, shipbuilding, medical, marine development , aerospace, wind power and other high-tech industry, in the alternative steel, wood, cement and other aspects of the role of traditional materials has become increasingly evident. High-performance composite materials instead of natural minerals, plant material is processed to form the future of industrial technology development trend, as the global economic competition and rapid development of science and technology, the glass fiber has become the most growth of new materials .

      Current international, transportation and construction sector is a major consumer of fiberglass products markets, which together accounted for glass downstream market of nearly 70%; and our fiberglass products downstream market more widely, including construction, electrical and electronics, transport, tube tank (corrosion), industrial applications, including construction and electrical and electronic fields accounted for a large, fiberglass products in China together account for about 55% of the downstream market.


    China has become the world's superpower glass fiber production


      Before 2007, the world's glass production is mainly concentrated in Europe and America. With the global industrial transfer, China's production capacity rising glass, glass production capacity in China in 2007 for the first time surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest producer of fiberglass first. Currently, the global glass fiber production capacity of about 420-450 million tons, China's annual production capacity of glass is about 260-270 million tons, accounting for the global glass fiber production capacity more than 50% glass fiber glass production in the global export volume accounts for 25 % or more.

      Glass production kiln pool construction investment, the industry is capital-intensive, technology-intensive, labor-intensive, with high barriers to entry. To curb the glass fiber industry and the blind expansion of low-level redundant construction trends, promote industrial upgrading, February 1, 2007 the government began implementing the "glass fiber industry access", the layout of the glass manufacturers, technology and equipment, energy consumption, environmental protection explicitly required to improve the glass fiber industry, barriers to entry. Future, as domestic producers of glass, mergers and acquisitions, industry concentration will be further enhanced.


    Good policy for the development of the domestic glass industry, a huge space


      Fiberglass products as superior, alternative to strong new material for the national economy in many areas. Although China is a fiberglass manufacturing superpower, but it is mostly for export, domestic glass downstream applications remain to be further developed. Statistics show that the United States, Japan and other developed countries, per capita annual consumption amounted to 4.5 kg glass fiber, glass fiber and China's per capita annual consumption of only 0.6 kilograms, has great potential to enhance the future of the domestic market.

      September 2010, the State Council approved in principle the "State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision" to determine the direction of development of seven strategic new industries. Glass fiber materials as widely used new product will also support a national industrial policy priorities of the industry.

      Along with the development of related industries the introduction of planning and implementation, including aircraft, trains, automobiles, ships, including transportation will be the rapid growth of China's demand for glass fiber areas, where rail transport, high-speed railway sleepers needs of the most exuberant ; fiberglass construction and other fields demand will remain stable growth trend; and glass fiber products in the field of energy saving applications, including water treatment engineering equipment, desulphurization and denitrification processing equipment, will also become the future development of the industry new highlights.


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