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    Shandong Qingda Chengxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Boshan District, Zibo, an open coastal city. It has a floor area of 16,713 square meters, including 8,026 square meters of plant area, and a registered capital of $ 1,380,000. The company is a joint venture co-funded by Shandong Heishan Glass Co., Ltd. and AGTM Corporation from South Korea. Relying on advanced foreign management experience, the company actively cooperates with research institutions and universities on development, production and research. In 2007, the company became the research result incubator of the Industrial Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and was identified as the designated manufacturer of wagon parts by the Ministry of Railways. The main products include machinery forging machining, engineering machinery gears, automotive gears forged parts and so on.
    It is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of forging machines. The company now has a 4,000-ton double-disc friction press production line, a 2,500-ton double-disc friction press production line, a CAD design and development center, a CNC machining center, and the matching CNC lathes, boring machines and other general equipment. The test equipment includes spectrum analyzers, universal material testing machines, fluorescent magnetic particle defectoscopes, coordinate measuring machines, etc.
    Quality guarantees the survival of a company, and reputation is the basis for its development. In 2007 the company passed the ISO90019 quality management system certification, maintaining strict product quality control in line with the requirements of quality management system. The company has received multiple honorary titles, including Zibo Industrial Star Enterprise, Municipal Level Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise, Boshan Legitimate Operation Key Protection Unit and Civilized and Creditable Company. Being recognized by the society and the government, the company will take the opportunity to deepen reform, accelerate development, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.
    In the corporate policy of Advanced Technologies, Quality Supreme, Customer First, Contracts-honoring, the company serves you with first-class production technology, strict enterprise management, high-quality products and good reputation.
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